what moves you?
Rolland Smith, Poet
September 2007
We have gone from regional confrontation to global communication, and so, for the first time, we have an opportunity to be at peace with each other and with all the species on our planet.

I first covered the UN back in 1969 as a young reporter. To me, the UN is the only hope for human kind to acknowledge our oneness, but I believe that the language of that awakening is poetry.

I had that epiphany when I was meditating up along the coast of California, on a beautiful cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean. As a journalist, I always had a pad and pencil with me, and this time I started to write what I was seeing and feeling. When I got back to my car, I looked at it, and there in perfect iambic pentameter, was a poem. Soon there were hundreds of poems.

All of my poems deal with nature, our abilities to be in communication with her, and the need for us to understand that we are, in fact, that nature we abuse.

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