what moves you?
Brandon Jones, Thoure Maxwell
September 2007
United States Burn Support

As a society, we have become so accustomed to tragedy that some of us turn it off, some of us turn it on and some of us just internalize it and can’t express ourselves.

The US Burn Support organization was founded to promote burn awareness and fire prevention and help burn victims recover. As burn victims ourselves, we were struck by the lack of the support in the hospitals. There was no support network, no one to tell you what was the next step, or to help you see a rainbow on the other side.

The happiness of others and helping them heal inspires us. Every human being has the responsibility to take an action on issues that impact others, because we all have to stay on this earth together.

We came to this Conference to learn about climate change and how it will relate to the burn community, because if it’s too hot, or too cold, a burn survivor can’t be outside and enjoy life. As members of the burn community we want to help.

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