what moves you?
Global Voices Exhibit at the United Nations
On display from September to November 2005 in a United Nations transit space, never before used as a gallery, and walked through by hundreds of members of the diplomatic corps, UN staff, NGOs and media correspondents daily, Global Voices brought people’s realities into the halls of the UN.

what moves you? produced Global Voices, a traveling exhibit of photographs and interviews documenting how the UN’s big issues resonate with people around the world, on the occasion of the United Nations 2005 World Summit, the largest gathering of Heads of State to date.

Participating organizations included:
Committee for Hispanic Children and Families (CHCF), Crystal Foundation, Grandparents Empowered Active Response (GEAR), Global Student Leadership (GSL), Global Youth Action Network (GYAN), Intergenerational Committee for the 58th Annual DPI/NGO Conference, Lehman College