what moves you?
what moves you? produces compelling educational media rendering complex global issues relevant and accessible to a diverse, international public. From the Millennium Development Goals, to Climate Change, to Immigration and Human Rights, what moves you? documents the breadth of these subjects through the lens and experiences of communities and individuals.

Gala Narezo and Shamina de Gonzaga co-founded what moves you? to get past the bureaucratic processes and commercial messages that surround social causes, and discover the truthful, often inspiring stories that underlie the issues affecting our world. Our holistic approach to research and documentary is not about imposing a viewpoint or marketing a cause, but rather investigating the relevance of an issue in people’s lives. Through surveys, photography and in-depth interviews, we listen to participants' experiences, motivations and concerns and document them in authentic and engaging ways.

Gala and Shamina met through their work as non-governmental organization (NGO) representatives to the UN in 2005.