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Global Voices Exhibit
What motivates activists committed to change? Why must grandparents bear their children’s burdens? How can young women save their community from social oppression? Is partnership possible between different cultures and generations?

First exhibited at the United Nations during the 2005 World Summit, the largest gathering of Heads of State or Government to date, the
global voices exhibition brought the aspirations, perspectives and concerns of community activists from around the world into the halls of the United Nations.

The subjects, informed about the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, respond with intimate glimpses into their stories. This photographic exhibition and interview series confronts the viewer with the striking images and reality of , African-Americans, Anglo-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Taiwanese-Americans, as well as persons from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Guyana, Kenya, Nigeria, Palestine, Panama, Romania, Uganda, and Uruguay.

global voices was on display from September to November 2005 in a United Nations transit space, never before used as a gallery, walked through by hundreds of members of the diplomatic corps, UN staff, non-governmental organizations, and media correspondents daily.

Participating organizations included:
Committee for Hispanic Children and Families – CHCF
Crystal Foundation
Grandparents Empowered Active Response – GEAR
Global Student Leadership – GSL
Global Youth Action Network – GYAN
Intergenerational Committee for the 58th Annual DPI/NGO Conference
Lehman College