what moves you?
Dag Hammarskjöld Library Auditorium, United NationsJenna MasseyKathleen NewburnSharon DeepVen Miao YuSherrill KazanErnst Bernard Venaton, Academy for Future Science, UN DPI/NGO Climate Change Conference Richard JordanBrandon Jones, Thoure MaxwellRolland Smith, PoetShafaq KhanFiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent, Financial Times, UN DPI/NGO Climate Change ConferenceChee PearlmanMaurice Cox merges architecture, politics and design education to define a new role for the designer, the architect as civic leader. Elliot WasherJohn Thackara Sergio Palleroni is the founder of the UW Basic Initiative, a multidisciplinary fieldwork program that each year challeges students to apply thier education in service of the problems facing marginalized communities throughout the world.Majora Carter
When people attend a conference, they don’t only want to listen and learn, they also want to express themselves and be heard.

what moves you? on-site interview and photography sessions have provided a platform for diverse conference participants to share their views.

Featured here are excerpts from the Aspen Design Summit, United Nations conferences on climate change and communications workshops.