what moves you?
Eluca, TanzaniaLilac, Kenya Leticia, Brazil Alina, Romania Hanako, Japan Mimosa, KosovoSusan, Zimbabwe
Women's Empowerment
what moves you? believes we can find solutions to the world’s problems when we educate, empower and involve half of the world’s population – women and girls – in that effort.

As part of on-going project to promote gender equality, what moves you? has created a platform for dynamic young women in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America to tell their stories.

The interviews conducted and edited by Shamina de Gonzaga, and photographic portraits by Gala Narezo offer insight on who these women are, what goals they have set for their societies, and how they have already begun making their dreams a reality.

The examples included here feature participants in the Global Student Leadership program of Manhattanville College.