what moves you?
Mexus is part of The Wassaic Project,
summer 2011Indocumentales/Undocumentaries: 
The US/Mexico Interdependent Film SeriesGlobal Voices at Dag Hammarskjold PlazaMEXUSCenterpoint Now Global Voices Exhibit at the United NationsMichaela Walsh, Global Voices Exhibit detailGlobal Voices Exhibit at Manhattanville CollegeGlobal Voices Exhibit travels to the Aspen Institute Global Voices Exhibit outdoor installation at the Aspen Institutewhat moves you? collaborates on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsHuman Rights ConferenceHuman Rights Wall Opening of the Human Rights VillageDesignmatters Exhibit of Human Rights PostersGala at Art Centerwhat moves you? raises awareness about the UN's Millennium Development Goalswhat moves you? plan for city-wide outreach on the Millennium Development GoalsNo Excuse Concert and Information FairNo Excuse Concert, photographsBrochure for Global Student Leadership programwhat moves you? documents diversity and social justice in land conservation what moves you? interviews and photographs inspiring leaders for commemorative journalFeature story on Shamina de Gonzaga in the Interdependent journalInterview with Mexican media, Shamina and Galawhat moves you?
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what moves you? produces compelling educational media rendering complex global issues relevant and accessible to a diverse, international public. From the Millennium Development Goals, to Climate Change, to Immigration and Human Rights, what moves you? documents the breadth of these subjects through the lens and experiences of communities and individuals.

Always seeking powerful means to convey a cause, our approaches have included awareness campaigns, exhibits, events, conferences, educational outreach and workshops, surveys, documentary, photography, interviews, essays, journals and brochures.

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